Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping entails the precise application of elastic tape to targeted areas of the body, aiming to offer support to muscles and joints, enhance circulation, and alleviate pain and inflammation. Widely embraced in sports medicine and rehabilitation contexts, kinesiology taping serves as an invaluable adjunct in fostering recovery and structural reinforcement.

The origins of kinesiology taping date back to the late 1970s in Japan, emerging as a pioneering approach in the realm of sports injury management. Since then, it has gained prominence worldwide, being employed both as a preventative measure and as part of rehabilitation protocols by therapists across various disciplines.

This technique is underpinned by the principles of biomechanics and proprioception, aiming to enhance muscle function and proprioceptive awareness, thus reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, kinesiology taping is purported to aid in inflammation reduction by facilitating increased blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation, thereby mitigating swelling through tissue elevation.

In our practice, kinesiology taping is incorporated into the injury treatment process when deemed beneficial by our practitioners. We do not levy additional charges for taping; however, clients have the option to purchase tape from us for their convenience.

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